Are you thinking of buying a home?

If so, Commission Rebate Realty would like to assist you in that purchase. There is no cost for the use of a Realtor's services when purchasing a listed property. Commission Rebate Realty would like to reimburse you for using our services!

Cash Back Reward Program

Purchase any MLS listed property (listed with any real estate company). After closing and my co-operating agent commission has been received, I will reimburse you 10% of it.

Use this calculator to determine the cash back reward you will receive.

Enter your anticipated purchase price, then press enter or click on the Calculate button to the right.

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Your cash back reward amount is $!


  • Using my services, purchase a home for $350,000.00.
  • The listing agents pays me a commission rate of 2.5%.
  • 2.5% of $350,000 = $8,750 my earned co-operating agent commission.
  • 10% of $8,750 = $875 your Cash Back Reward.
*** The Cash Back Reward Program is not intended to solicit clients under contract.
NOTE: The cash back reward calculator is set to the co-operating agent receiving a 2.5% commission rate. Cash Back Reward amounts will vary as it is indicative of the commission rate being offered by the listing agent. Commission rates being offered to selling agents in Brandon typically range from 1.5% to 3.5%. My Cash Back Reward Program does not require any fee be paid by a prospective buyer.